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Over 20,000 students from 70+ nationalities have chosen Mandarin House as their Chinese language school. Our expertise and reputation in helping students achieve their Chinese goals is second-to-none.

We are proud to have won international awards, reached the strictest quality accreditation standards and employ only the best teachers and staff; who are all dedicated to one thing; ensuring you learn Chinese as fast and efficient as possible.

If you are still looking for an excuse to join us, then read our 10 reasons why you should choose Mandarin House or if you want a second opinion then read what our students have to say.

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外汉语教学是美和汉语的主 营服务,在八年运营过程中,我们根据教学实践的总结、市场需求的变化以及学生的反馈,适时更新课程设置,最大限度满足客户与市场的需要,以达到最理想的教 学效果。在专业教师队伍的不断探索与总结的基础上,我们已形成四大科学课程体系,在对外汉语教学领域独树一帜,赢得了客户的一致好评。 美和汉语独立的教学教研部,负责课程大纲和课件的编撰,自主教材的修订,教师团队的培训管理以及教学研究发展工作。

美和汉语的课程体系保持与国家HSK标准、欧盟CEF语言标准、美国ACTFL语言标准一致,这是美和汉语极具竞争力的优势之一。 美和汉语在同一时间内开设十二个级别的汉语课程,学员总能够找到相应级别就学。这样在学习方案的设计上即合理又能体现科学严谨的效果。我们也会根据学员类 别、授课形式以及学习目标的不同开设多种特色的课程,诸如小班化授课、个性化一对一定制课程、商务汉语课程、HSK考试辅导、职场实用汉语、国际汉语夏令 营、游学团及高端专业汉语课程等。


Intensive Chinese Courese

At Mandarin House, we are certainly aware of the challenges our students may face, from our experience, then through our unmatched teaching staff and updated learning materials, you will find Mandarin is not so difficult and you will be speaking Chinese before you know it! more

Business Chinese Course

Available at all levels, our business Chinese courses teach Chinese language through a variety of relevant business topics in the Chinese context, and will expose you to an overview of China's changing environment and current business practices.more

Private Tutoring

Do you want to enroll in the most personalized Chinese lessons? 1-on-1, or 1-on-more, our private tutoring course is the most flexible option and suited to your special needs.more

HSK Preparation

An intensive combination of 6 group classes and an additional private tutoring lesson a day covering reading, writing, speaking, listening, test preparation and more, Mandarin House offers you a complete HSK preparation curriculum for all 6 levels.more


Part Time Chinese Course

Introducing our Part-Time Chinese Courses designed to fit around your agenda. Group classes either on the weekend or in the evening ensures you learn the Chinese you need for your active life in China.more

Summer Camps for Kids and Teens

Providing an unforgettable adventure in a safe, fun, full immersion Chinese environment, our experienced, qualified teachers share Chinese life through Mandarin lessons, cultural workshops, activities and excursions ensuring a valuable head-start for each child’s future.more

Work Experience

Mandarin House works with an extensive corporate network and can offer a valuable in-China work experience.more

Study Tours

Hosted by our schools in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, or a combined itinerary over the 3 cities, Mandarin House has years of experience in hosting study tours.more

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